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Organization Structure

Vision’s management team has a wide degree of experience in different corporate focuses. The current team is comprised of the three founders of the company. Their core strengths are in the business administration, engineering and software development areas. 
We Design and manufacture our software with mind-set, based on facts to meet enterprise needs. Continuous and stable customer relationship is our attribute, not only we don’t use this characteristic for advertising but also we called that “Golden mirror”.

The company is committed to superior levels of customer satisfaction. To this end Vision intends to build an internal customer service department. This department will be staffed by knowledgeable people who are also skilled in being effective on the telephone and internet in interpersonal relationship management.
The sales department is responsible for the achievement of Vision revenue targets, management and growth of the distribution channels, and pursuit of corporate strategic relationships.
The marketing department is responsible for implementation of the marketing plan, catalogues, planning and participating exhibition. Additionally, this department handles all advertising.
The R&D department is responsible for several main functions such as follows:
Researches and development of new products
Ensuring the new product meets the product specification
Developing products that meet specified quality levels as detailed in the product quality plan
Because Public relations department is seen as a vital part of maintaining the organization’s image and of communicating its message to its customers and the general public, Vision’s Public relations Department expert members, try all their effort in order to do this aim perfectly.

Persian Vision Company at a glance


Persian Vision provides Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for organizations in Iran. Aiming to deliver qualified Software trustable enough to maximize the agile functionality of integrating enterprises, Persian vision Software has been over 11 years. It must be mentioned that considering the background of cooperation and recognition from work flow in enterprises and Multinational Companies, Vision which have provided a proper perception of enterprise needs by HRM ,MRP ,FRM ,CRM and WMS Systems in distribution, financial, sales, marketing field, help organizations discover, monitor and improve the level of their resource and processes.

With more than 11 years of experience in produce Software, we won to cooperate with more than 500 Food, Drinks, Cosmetics and Medical Distribution Centers and multinational Enterprises in Iran.


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