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Vision Distribution Software
نرم افزار جامع توزیع و پخش مویرگی ویژن

Vision Distribution Software

Vision Distribution solution provides the technology to manage a value chain. Our highly developed distribution solution enables maximum control and flexibility over operations and inventory. Provides the ability to trace items back to the source, track them from the source to their current location and identify all cost elements associated with the movement of the goods.
A selective of features:
• Reduced costs of sellers including round-trip costs to related organization.
• Reduced telecommunication costs with salesman and possibility of communication by central office with sales agent via internet.
• Increased size of total sales due to speed of transferring the orders to central office and no need to daily refer personally to central office and spending time for ordering.
• Possibility of providing galleries in tablets and recording the customer’s orders directly by images.
• Possibility of tracking the salesman on the map and evaluating the route they passed on daily based and their stop time in the site of customer.

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Persian Vision Company at a glance


Persian Vision provides Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for organizations in Iran. Aiming to deliver qualified Software trustable enough to maximize the agile functionality of integrating enterprises, Persian vision Software has been over 11 years. It must be mentioned that considering the background of cooperation and recognition from work flow in enterprises and Multinational Companies, Vision which have provided a proper perception of enterprise needs by HRM ,MRP ,FRM ,CRM and WMS Systems in distribution, financial, sales, marketing field, help organizations discover, monitor and improve the level of their resource and processes.

With more than 11 years of experience in produce Software, we won to cooperate with more than 500 Food, Drinks, Cosmetics and Medical Distribution Centers and multinational Enterprises in Iran.


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