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Vision GIS Software
نرم افزار اطلاعات جغرافیایی (GIS)

Vision GIS Software


By this software enterprises could take sales and finance report on map and some other features.
 A selective of features:
• To show and store Geographical coordinates defined by customers
• To add pictures on customer information
• To show customers on maps, divided by colors
• To get report on maps, sorted by customers and path

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Persian Vision Company at a glance


Persian Vision provides Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for organizations in Iran. Aiming to deliver qualified Software trustable enough to maximize the agile functionality of integrating enterprises, Persian vision Software has been over 11 years. It must be mentioned that considering the background of cooperation and recognition from work flow in enterprises and Multinational Companies, Vision which have provided a proper perception of enterprise needs by HRM ,MRP ,FRM ,CRM and WMS Systems in distribution, financial, sales, marketing field, help organizations discover, monitor and improve the level of their resource and processes.

With more than 11 years of experience in produce Software, we won to cooperate with more than 500 Food, Drinks, Cosmetics and Medical Distribution Centers and multinational Enterprises in Iran.


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